Large Scale Public Sector Transformation

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We support the transformation of the National Airspace System

Transformation is an overly used yet poorly understood and difficult to define concept. Our principals have, for over a decade, adapted systems-thinking, cybernetics and complexity principles to develop the tools necessary to frame the transformation of the United States national airspace system. We have succeeded in helping define key thrusts of the airspace transformation agenda:

  • Framing airspace evolution as a trade-off between centralized control and self-regulated autonomous flight 

  • Supporting the introduction of complexity-aligned emergent risk and safety practices

  • Distinguishing betweeen automation and autonomy to frame autonomous UAS challenges

  • Proposing a hierarchical design architecture for next generation simulation testbeds

This body of work is particularly relevant for big picture, institutional-level efforts related to strategy formulation and planning. Relevant success stories from the airspace domain include: 

  • ​Architecting NASA Airspace Systems and Operations Program strategy around qualitative system-transformation epochs

  • Framing NASA's autonomous drones research agenda based on the emergent dynamics challenges stemming from self-separation concepts

  • Defining risk and safety practices against a complexity backdrop

  • Developing advanced agent-based airspace simulation architectures

  • Defining simulation architecture alternatives for future airspace simulation testbeds using stratified ontology concepts

  • Modeling Performance Based Navigation policy design (service level based on equipage) using system dynamics principles