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Commercial Operations

Our experience with the commercial sector spans corporate operations to start-up entrepreneurship in U.S. domestic and international markets. Our managing partner has held corporate strategy roles in Fortune 100 companies, was an investor in several start-up ventures and consulted small and middle market companies on operations optimization, growth and market expansion.  Some of our more visible successes include the establishing of a country office for a Spanish multinational in an emerging economy and the standing up of a new profit and loss business unit for a mid-market international system integration company. 

We are well poised to support our clients with business development, organic innovation and international market expansion.  We are particularly eager to help small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs with growth and maturity challenges.  

Business Development and Marketing Support

We help assemble fully integrated value propositions from apparently disparate differentiators. 

Our business development services blend content strategy with market intelligence. We bring our experience to bear on customer marketing or proposal development efforts by augmenting value propositions or defining key customer talking points. One of our key strengths is in supporting unsolicited proposals, where we help define new customer needs. We are also instrumental in facilitating teaming agreements, particularly with asymmetrically sized companies (small-large). 


Innovation Management

Our principals are experienced in the entire innovation life-cycle, from ideation to prototyping and intellectual property filing. 

We see innovation management as the process which turns ambiguous ideas into concrete solutions that have market value. We can help both with front-end innovation and back-end marketing. For example, we bring a design thinking mindset to the ideation and solution framing phases. For the marketing phase, we seamlessly add aeshetics and communication elements to an innovative capability. In between, we apply our business management mindset to streamline the research process. 

Emerging Markets

We combine a "street-level" perspective with general strategy to help our customers achieve international market expansion.

We have extensive experience in international business development, with a particular focus on emerging markets. Our principals have worked with multinationals as well as regional companies to achieve market expansion success. We have successfully developed and implemented go-to-market strategies involving both products and solutions, as well as merger and acquisition efforts.  

Start-ups and small business

We bring a personal understanding of the challenges involved in small company and start-up growth. 

We are very comfortable advising small company owners and start-up entrepreneurs. We bring a personal understanding of the challenges involved in the initial growth phases, and can provide tested strategies for sustained success. We can also bring to bear our scalable growth solution which includes our industry unique 3-Order Growth classification model (see our Solutions/Private Sector Growth tab). 

Expertise by focus area

Business Development and Marketing Support

Innovation management

Emerging Markets

Start-ups and small business

  • Proposal development

  • Value proposition development

  • Storyboarding

  • Customer talking points, whitepapers, presentations

  • Competitive asessment and benchmarking

  • Business model innovation

  • Product and Solution Development Roadmaps

  • Research and Development investment strategy

  • Intellectual property development

  • Market studies

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Strategic partnerships development

  • General management consulting

  • Owner level advising

  • Asymmetric partnership strategy

  • Asymmetric competitive strategy

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