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We are a leading edge transformation and growth advisory company

Avansys has been at the forefront of management consulting for over a decade. We combine leading edge management thinking with deep subject matter expertise to solve the most nagging, "no precedent problems".

Our practice areas are  ​program management, technical assistance and commercial operations. We have particular strengths in public sector transformation as well as private sector growth and innovation. 

Our thought leadership includes the application of systems-theoretic methods to drive large scale transformation, growth and innovation.  Success stories include the design of accelerated government acquisition processes for rapid development, the framing of artificial intelligence for defense and aerospace applications, the extension of systems engineering practices to better align with agile, the design of key concepts for the U.S. next generation airspace system. 

Our tailored, engagement-specific approaches are anchored in the larger context of meta-trends:

·        Lean, agile practices permeating the public sector - Government 2.0

·        Redefinition of risk practices against a complexity backdrop

·        An awareness of potentially disruptive technologies: 3D printing, autonomous machines

·        An "on-demand" consumer mindset

·        A proliferation of sharing business models as enabled by Cloud architecture

We have deep aviation, aerospace and defense domain expertise, with particular focus on systems procurement, development and deployment. Our principals' involvement with product innovation goes back twenty years and includes several patents. Our mindset is deeply rooted in innovation and design, and we are as comfortable in trial-and-error, conceptual environments as we are with formal analytics.  

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