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Rapid Application Development

Avansys is skilled in the latest application development practices centered around rapid prototyping and user-centered design. Our expertise spans both product development and program governance. 


We currently support rapid development adoption by US Government agencies as part of their prerogative to accelerate procurement and deployment of systems that delight the end user. 

Solutions Architecture

Our Cloud-centric solutions span state-of-the-art architectural patterns. 

Avansys is currently fulfilling the solutions architecture role on a rapid application development (RAD) contract. Our experts support the product team in implementing state-of-the-art technology stacks centered on Cloud infrastructure. We are involved across the full spectrum of solutions from domain-driven data models or push streaming data architectures to evolving legacy applications to kubernetes solutions. 

Lean Start-up Acquisitions

We are at the forefront of retrofitting planning-based governance to lean start-up principles. Review our rapid development and deployment overview here

Avansys has brought leading edge thinking to product development for over a decade. Our principals used cybernetics models to frame prototype simulators for future air traffic concepts. We subsequently applied complexity principles to architect simulators for NASA, and ultimately brought design thinking and other user-centered design methodologies to rapid prototyping efforts.  

User-Centered Product Design

We bring the latest in design thinking to quickly map and make explicit complex knowledge landscapes.

We have a proven track record of steering abstract research and development to concrete outcomes. Our principals have successfully managed the development of patented innovation. Our unique approach seamlessly integrates elements of marketing, intellectual property , as well as collaborative agreements as part of the research and development agenda. We have hands on experience with the development of advanced simulation prototypes. 

Expertise by focus area

Solutions Architecture

Product Design

  • Architecture patterns mapping

  • Architectural trade-offs for performance improvement

  • Conceptual product architecture 

  • Microservices and Kubernetes-based architectures

  • Self-healing architecture approaches

  • Continuous Integration and Development practices

  • User experiment design and execution

  • Product development roadmaps

  • Go-to-market product strategy

  • Minimal Viable Product and Beta scope strategy

  • User needs to product feature mapping

Lean Acqusitions

  • Lean acquisition artifacts

  • Simplified investment analysis 

  • Test driven development

  • Resilient risk practices

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