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Program Management

Avansys' services cover the entire functional span of a program management office (PMO). We are versed in planning and operations management, business performance and organizational development. 

We have deep aerospace domain expertise, with proven capacity to manage ill-defined problems through development and deployment. 

Our services are focused around three verticals: strategic planning, operations management and organizational development.

Strategy and Planning Support

We help frame "no-precedent" problems. 

Our strength in strategic planning derives from our opportunity-focused mindset. We have built a solid market reputation for successfully fusing program management rigor with innovation. Our track record includes ground-breaking position papers, implementation roadmaps for high complexity programs and innovative risk practices. 



Program Analysis and Control

We explore the full project trade-space to drive effective outcomes.  

Our project and program planning services cross functional silos to uncover the best paths to effective outcomes. We are versed in implementation approaches that leverage the latest technological trends: Agile, rapid prototyping, lean start-up, DevOps and Cloud. We have also worked to help the Government adapt Earned Value Practices to Agile development, drive program level analysis of alternatives, assess best development metrics to gage program health, etc. 


Contract and Acquisition Management

Our acquisition management experiences spans traditional contracts to special use vehicles

Avansys is at the forefront of the effort to harmonize acquisition practices with the latest commercial practices for software development. We are deeply involved with reframing acquisition artifacts for lean development, as well as helping the Government understand program implementation implications. 


Operations Management and Decision Analytics

We substantiate the best course of action within defined constraints. 

Our operational management services are focused on complex decision making. We balance quantitative analytics with a system-level, contextual view. We apply big picture thinking techniques to lend qualitative context to hard metrics. This allows us to specifically address complexity as an implicit system-level property. 

Organizational Development

We pursue empowerment as key to successful outcomes. 

We keenly understand that strategy and operations decisions cannot be fully independent of the organizational context in which they evolve. Our empowerment mindset supports adaptive organizations that are able to leverage opportunities as well as face crisis environments with resilience.  

Expertise by focus area

Strategic Planning and Program Analysis

Contract and Acquisition Management

Operations Research and Decision Analytics

  • Cost, schedule and scope analysis

  • Analysis of Alternatives

  • Program roadmaps

  • Position Papers

  • Project Level Agreements

  • Risk Management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Program controls and metrics (EVM, etc.)

  • Acquisition artifacts development and review

  • Vendor negotiations

  • Investment planning

  • Contracting strategy definition

  • Contract controls and incentive fees​

  • WBS and SOW development

  • Acquisition life-cycle management

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Investment analysis

  • Workflow optimization

  • Service Level Agreements

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