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Private Sector Growth

Read about our innovative growth approach value proposition based on our cutting edge 3-Order Growth (3OG) classification here

Download our scalable growth model whitepaper here.

Our value proposition for faster-than-incremental growth

Scalable growth refers to faster than incremental business growth. We help knowledge firms exceed the growth rate typically afforded by the time and material revenue model. 


We employ a unique methodology which traces to leading edge management thinking: double-loop learning, design thinking. Our approach is to assess the growth potential of the business model itself; by looking for opportunities to expand the business model, we identify strategies for accelerated growth. Specifically, we look to extract new organic value from under-leveraged knowledge assets, followed by "packaging" into new solutions, services, products. The goal is to make these stand-alone, mutually reinforcing revenue generating assets. 


Key to our approach is a holistic look across the various business functions: finance, HR, business development, research and development, etc. Our typical engagement contains three phases as described below:


Assess the business model for scalable growth readiness. Key to growth assessment is our unique 3-Order Growth (3OG) classification scheme - read more here. Special emphasis is on identifying knowledge assets that can be re-packaged into new stand-alone revenue generating streams. The assessment includes market, organizational and competitive factors for a 360 view of both growth potential and impediments.


Architect a ‘to-be’ business model which emphasizes diversified and mutually reinforcing revenue streams (key to faster-than-incremental growth). Using the knowledge assets identified in the assessment phrase, apply a design thinking mindset to derive stand-alone revenue solutions, products or services, A roadmap to transforming the ‘as-is’ business model to the ‘to-be’ one is also developed, with key decision points and business performance targets. Assumptions and risks are highlighted and agreed to by all stakeholders.  


Institutionalize the organizational thinking and governance conducive to sustained scalable growth.  Implement the management processes and develop the organizational mindsets that ensure continued support for innovation and growth.

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