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Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

Avansys technical management services cover system engineering and research management scope.  


Our systems engineering expertise is acquired on large scale, safety critical system development. Our principals have deep experience with research management, spanning proof-of-concept activities, prototype development, collaborative research agreements and intellectual property. 

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

We take pride in our hands-on expertise in large scale, safety critical system development. 

Our track record supporting systems engineering activities for large scale, safety critical systems development goes back more than a decade. Our principals have supported the full systems engineering life-cycle for air traffic management systems. Our applied acumen includes system use and functional definition, concept of operations development, trade-off studies, system integration and test, quality assurance and field deployment. We have also supported our government clients with the development of system engineering artifacts as part of the acquisition management process. 

Product Development Consulting

We apply design-centric methods to drive the best product outcomes. 

Avansys has brought leading edge thinking to product development for over a decade. Our principals used cybernetics models to frame prototype simulators for future air traffic concepts. We subsequently applied complexity principles to architect simulators for NASA, and ultimately brought design thinking and other user-centered design methodologies to rapid prototyping efforts.  

Research Management

We bring a possibility mindset to research management. 

We have a proven track record of steering abstract research and development to concrete outcomes. Our principals have successfully managed the development of patented innovation. Our unique approach seamlessly integrates elements of marketing, intellectual property , as well as collaborative agreements as part of the research and development agenda. We have hands on experience with the development of advanced simulation prototypes. 

Expertise by focus area

Systems Engineering

Product Development

  • Systems engineering and technical management

  • Concept of Operations development

  • Requirements management

  • Engineering milestones entry and exit criteria 

  • Trade-off studies

  • Trade-space exploration

  • System integration and test

  • Configuration management

  • Engineering artifact development  

  • Conceptual product architecture

  • Product development roadmaps

  • Go-to-market product strategy

  • Minimal Viable Product and Beta scope strategy

  • User needs to product feature mapping

Research Management

  • Research agenda definition

  • Research benchmarking and performance management

  • Research strategy and roadmaps

  • Research-to-market transition

  • Collaborative research agreements

  • Intellectual property management

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