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Large Scale Public Sector Transformation

Download our managing partner's ATCA Journal article on the need to shift public sector acquisitions to a lean mindset to fully leverage rapid development and Cloud trends here.

Download our managing partner's ATCA Journal article of the year on machine autonomy vs aerospace operations here.

We support the transformation of the US Government

Transformation is an overly used yet poorly understood and difficult to define concept. Our principals have, for over a decade, adapted systems-thinking and complexity principles to successfully deliver transformational change in the areas of program management and contract oversight, high end technology adoption and systems engineering.  

Our body of work speaks for itself and is particularly relevant for big picture, institutional-level efforts related to paradigm shift outcomes. Relevant success stories include: 

  • Innovating US Government acquisition practices for rapid development

  • Transitioning mid-development systems to Cloud architectures

  • Harmonizing systems engineering contract oversight practices with agile development

  • Applying machine learning to automate investment analysis  

  • ​Architecting NASA Airspace Systems and Operations Program long term strategic plan

  • Defining artificial intelligence applications to hybrid warfare

  • Defining risk and safety practices against a complexity backdrop

  • Framing NASA's autonomous drones research agenda based on the emergent dynamics challenges stemming from self-separation concepts

  • Defining simulation architecture alternatives for future airspace simulation testbeds

With agile came a recognition that uncertainty is a fact of life which can more effectively be mitigated by faster iterations. Rapid development is taking this idea a step further, positing in essence that risk is better mitigated by doing something rather than planning to do something. This paradigm shift towards leaner up-front planning and faster start of development is fundamentally affecting US government acquisition practices. For over two years we have effectively applied our foundational knowledge in complexity principles to innovate acquisition practices around rapid development practices.

For Cloud adoption, we are participating in the definition of enterprise architectures and new program practices that fully leverage not only the latest in Cloud technology, but the benefits of as-a-service delivery model. 

Our principals have over 20 years experience in applying systems engineering practices to large scale system integration programs. It is why we have acknowledged the need for expanding systems engineering, particularly as it relates to contract oversight, to better account for the latest software development practices. We have been tasked to adjust engineering oversight artifacts to ensure a leaner transition from design to software development. This led to accelerated delivery and deployment of software systems. 

We have been intimately involved in the transformation of the National Airspace System. We have succeeded in helping define key thrusts of the airspace transformation agenda:

  • Framing airspace evolution relative to autonomous flight operations (self-separation)

  • Supporting the introduction of complexity-aligned emergent risk and safety practices

  • Distinguishing between automation and autonomy for unmanned aerial systems​

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